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The Many Applications of Powerful Water Flow

Water is essential for our survival. But not only water for drinking is the one we’re supposed to think about in this context. Water has so many other applications that are making our life incredibly easier. We can also say possibly here since we’re so used to some of the applications of it, but let’s go with the term easier – just to be precise. Let’s see where the water and the power water flow are used and how this makes our life different.


hydropower plants

A lot of electricity around the world is brought to the homes of people from hydropower plants. Hydropower plants work and make electricity using the power of the water. Building a dam and having huge water amounts falling on turbines generate electricity which is then transferred through the lines to our homes.

This is probably the biggest benefit from the powerful water flow that we as humans have invented. Electricity is something we can’t live without today. Everything in our homes is powered by electricity and we can say that we completely depend on the power of the water flow to live a normal modern life.

Fire battle

Firemen use a high water beam in the fight with fires. Their vehicles are equipped with special pumps that generate an enormous and powerful water flow that is much needed in the battle with fires anywhere around the city. Water is probably the best and the most affordable ingredient against fires but firemen can’t drag around buckets of water, right? They need constant and powerful water flow to solve the problem.

There are different streams at which the water comes out of the firefighter’s hose. Some can be operated by one person, but others must be controlled by two or more people. If there’s a lot of water needed, several men must hold the hose to control it. That’s how powerful this water flow is.

Sump pumps

Sump pumpsWe’re talking about water coming out of the hose, but a powerful water flow also comes from a sump pump. When flooding happens, there are sump pumps that pup out the water from a room. Usually, a basement and the hose of the pump goes out of the property and in the public sewage.

There are different types of sump pumps with different power. However, thanks to the power water flow we can extract large amounts of water and save our property very fast. If this wasn’t possible, we would be facing diseases and even complete tearing down of houses facing a flood.

Home use pressure washers

Some of the most powerful pressure washers generate a water flow that’s able to clean up everything in its path. Thanks to the high water flow, we now have the most powerful pressure washers that use water to clean the yard, the deck, terraces, porch, and any other flooring that’s suitable for water wash.

Pressure washers can pump out up to 2800 pounds of water per square inch which is something that is incomparable to any other method of cleaning. Gas models usually produce more power and are able to generate a more powerful water flow too. The electric models are a bit weaker and they are able to produce up to 1700 pounds per square inch. This means that gas models can clean up a large area much faster than electric ones, but on the other side, the gas models are not very suitable for using inside.

If you’re about to get a model that produces a very powerful water flow, you should know that more than 6000 people get injured every year by pressure washer because of using them without any safety gear. It’s recommended that you wear a helmet and goggles while pressure washing. The best washers are an excellent way to maintain an area clean, but you need to do it right.

Home usage

Powerful water flow is being used in our homes too. Every day we use the toilet, the faucets, and the shower and without a strong and powerful water flow in the city pipes, we wouldn’t be able to have this commodity.

Some buildings have over 100 floors but they have no problem acquiring powerful water flow even in the highest floors. This is because engineers worked carefully to create enough flow on every floor. Just think how important it is. Every day we get to shower before and after work. Just imagine how complicated this would be if the showers have no powerful water flow. They would look like the buckets used in old times on the wild West. We would have to wash ourselves drop by drop. Powerful water flow is life.

tesla tires and body
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Tesla is Much More Than an Eco-Friendly Car

The Tesla company is a revolution, no doubt. Cars manufactured in the Tesla factories differ from standard vehicles by so many things. These cars are not just an eco-friendly version of a normal car, they are much more and they will probably very soon take over the market and the automotive business.

Tesla is Much More Than an Eco-Friendly Car

The main difference is powering. If gas is the number one fuel for cars around the world, Tesla cars are using electricity as their fuel. This makes a huge impact on the environment pollution as electricity lives no trace whatsoever in the air and the noise is minimal. Aside from air pollution, cities are battling with enormous sound pollution, and if cars become powered by electricity globally, a lot of the environmental problems will be solved just with this change.

Talking about differences between Tesla and other cars, a logical question arises – what else Tesla cars do that standard card don’t do. Here’s a short list.

Regular vehicles need constant oil checks and if the oil runs out, much of the car won’t function, and one by one part will become useless. Actually, all the parts that need some kind of oil, Tesla cars have eliminated as not needed at all. We’re talking about transmission fluids, brake fluids, etc. All this is changed with electrical parts that do the same job but simply need less maintenance if not any. Sure, having no additional need for water and oil changes also saves the environment, but more importantly, it saves time, money, and effort of the owner. We all know how annoying is the regular car maintenance day. The auto mechanics will always find additional problems that need to be fixed which means spending more money. As time passes, these problems only get bigger and more money is needed for more repairs.

Tesla users don’t know anything about this. Even though the company asks its customers to do a yearly checkout, they rarely take any money for changing parts in the vehicles. One of the reasons is that there are no standard parts in a Tesla car. Think of it as an air-conditioner, you don’t go to the store where you bought it to change the pieces every year. In this case, you need to change the battery once in more than 10 years, but that’s basically it.

tesla tires and bodyThe only things that are the same in Tesla and regular cars are the tires and the body. There’s no need for changing a windshield until it gets broken. Same goes with the car doors, they usually last forever or until someone hits them and break them. When it comes to the tires, well, every car needs a tire change every few years. It is also a smart move to always have winter and summer models of tires for best performance of your car. This is true both for Tesla and for other car users.


All this means that you can freely maintain your Tesla car by yourself. You need no tools at all for other than the tires. You’ll practically need only a torque wrench. Actually, this is smart for all car users – keeping a torque wrench in the car is something that can save you in many situations in which you’ll have tire trouble. There are many different types of torque wrenches today that can be used for many needs. Some even have an electric measure, which is excellent, but when it comes to a Tesla tire change, you probably won’t need this.

tesla partsA torque wrench will help you entrench the bolts of the wheel. After you make the tire change you can wrench the bolts with the same tool. That’s it. Everything else on the Tesla vehicle needs no tools and maintenance. If you open the hood, there’s nothing you can do, which will save you from wondering what might not be working. A Tesla automobile works on electricity and all the parts are connected directly one to each other just like computers are. There’s no need for mechanics and money spending on things you don’t understand and you don’t even want to learn.

A Tesla car is much more than just an eco-friendly car. It is a revolution in the automobile industry. If we as humans understand faster how important is to make the migration from gas and oil to electricity, the faster we’ll make the environment and the planet a better place to live in. Cities will become cleaner, air will be breathable again and there won’t be as much sound pollution as now. We just need to understand the importance of this.


Cost-Effective Cooler Alternatives In Every Price Point

We live in constant motion: new technologies, an enormous amount of information, globalization. We wake up asking ourselves what this day has in store for us. Good or bad, but we got addicted to the things that just five years ago were impossible to imagine. Especially that every day something new is invented. We have less free time and try to use every and each opportunity to save a minute using different technologies. Welcome to the 21 century!

coolersEven though we are now used to living on the go, lots of people are still eager to escape from their busy lives to get some rest. And for most of them spending time in nature is the best choice. You can be old-fashioned or an ardent opponent of modern inventions but some of them are really worth using. Any outdoor activity can become much more pleasant if you, for example, have a cooler. Do you know when it first appeared? In 1951, nearly 70 years ago. Back then it was called a portable ice chest and had nothing to do with what you can find at the present time. Nowadays you can easily get lost in various options. Let’s have a quick look at the market to help you to get an idea of new tendencies.

  1. Brand Yeti was founded in 2006 and is known for its high quality and extremely durable products which are the main parameters for making a final decision, aren’t they? It has a big variety of coolers starting from 25$. This brand offers multiple colors, shapes, sizes. They even have a gender filter! By the way, the model Yeti Tundra 45 is rated as best of the best on most of the websites. But don’t be surprised as the price is quite high. Anyway, have a look and check it out.
  2. Coleman Company has an interesting history. Having spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window, a young salesman became a founder of a well known nowadays company that is associated with outdoor fun. This brand has a lot of options to offer. Based on the reviews they offer the best steel coolers. Just go online and have a look.
  3. Igloo, founded in 1947, is known for its affordability. If your budget is limited and you are trying to find a nice quality for less money Igloo MaxCold at price of $45 could be your choice. This cooler doesn’t look fancy and probably won’t last forever but according to positive reviews, it is definitely a good value for its money.
  4. Orca claims that it makes cool things that last long. I would say these are not just words. Classy look and excellent ice retention capability – these two features make this brand stand out. Though you may find these coolers heavier compared to other brands once they filled. Again, Orca gives plenty of options for the customers: different sizes, materials, and colors. Enough saying – it’s better to see. Check their website and get a better idea of their assortment.
  5. The last here but not the least is RTIC coolers. If you prefer a worry-free extended trip this brand may suit you. Affordable prices, nice design, and capability of keeping ice for up to 7 days definitely attract a lot of travelers’ attention. Get ready, though, the customer service is not among their advantages.

The list of brands can be endless. I tried to mention the most popular ones. if you made up your mind to purchase a cooler the next step is to think of the budget. If you prefer investing rather than saving money so pay close attention to Yeti brand (it is quite expensive, but you will use it for a long time, that’s for sure). If you are ok with good value for less money – go for Igloo or RTIC. Something in between – Coleman and Orca are good options. Anyway, before making your final decision keep in mind how you want your perfect trip to be. And which cooler will make your picture complete.

smart taps and showers
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Smart Bathrooms and Toilets Reduces the Energy Consumption

As the homes continue becoming smarter, so too are the bathrooms. People are undertaking style updates to transform their bathrooms into more comfortable areas. Not only do these improvements make the bathrooms fun and practical, but also increase the overall value of the homes. Installing a Wash “n” Dry Toilet system is one of the smart methods of upgrading a bathroom. It outdates the use of toilet paper for the family members because it is capable of automatically flushing, washing and drying off the user.

Smart Bathrooms and Toilets

The Energy Forum will be addressing some of the things that could be adopted to transform lives by use of energy efficiently. For instance, the toilet system is designed to utilize minimal energy while performing an essential task. It is a great unit for all individuals and grand for the aged and disabled people who may require somebody to take care of them in everyday hygiene tasks. Elderly and disabled people can simply revolutionize their dear lives with the Wash n Dry Toilet systems, instead of using the traditional portable or add-on models. Even though they cost high at the initial stage of investment, the amount of money and time you will save in the long run outweighs it all.

 smart taps and showersAnother smart bathroom improvement is the use of smart taps and showers. They have facial recognition feature capable of knowing the bathroom user and then utilize that data to determine user’s bathing habits. They can adjust shower temperature based on what you usually want. Therefore, you will not need to adjust the taps when looking for a perfect shower temperature. The high-end models come with touchscreen feature, and can also forecast weather and send a notification to your email. This means you can schedule your day while taking a bath, courtesy of smart technology in the bathroom.

Energy Consumption in the Bathroom

Alright, where does energy consumption in your bathroom come from? The first things many guests may think of are the vents, gadgets, or lights installed in their bathrooms. However, these are some of the minor things that won’t create a huge change in your monthly energy bills. According to an energy consumption report shared during the Energy Forum 2015, 18% of energy consumed in a typical home is taken by heating water in the bathroom. The longer you run the water heater, the more energy is consumed. So, how do you save energy in your smart bathroom?

First, it is important to turn down the water heater to a maximum of 120 degrees. This was not only recommended by the Energy Forum members but also the Environmental Protection Agency experts. It ensures that the bathroom routine is not affected, while the overall consumption and standby losses start decreasing automatically.

Second, you need to learn the best alternative ways of reducing hot water consumption in the bathroom. Don’t think twice. Simply go for the modern faucets, aerators, and showerheads. There are many options nowadays, given the need for eco-friendly products in today’s world. These contemporary products offer a luxurious and comfortable shower pressure while keeping hot water consumption at its lowest. Also, ensuring the pipes are well insulated can prevent heat loss. This can save up to 4 degrees in every shower, which is equivalent to about $12 per year.

Third, in addition to changing your usage of hot water habit, you can as well make small adjustments to other energy consuming fixtures in the bathroom. For instance, you can make the lighting more efficient by switching to energy saving bulbs. You can also adapt smarter ways of saving energy in your bathroom such as unplugging gadgets that are not in use. Additionally, leave your lights turned off when not in the bathroom and only use the vent fans whenever needed.

As much as we need to save energy in our bathrooms, it is also vital to have good quality toilets. When choosing a toilet, start by looking at the key users and how often they use it. A home toilet is more likely to be used frequently, and therefore there are various factors that need to be considered. In today’s modern world, new toilets are supposed to offer comfort to users, including those with disabilities. That is why most of the toilets offer 17″ rim height, not to mention the quality, design, and durability aspects.

3 Main Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toilet

Consider when Choosing a ToiletFirst, choose a toilet with a comfortable height. Elongated toilets are recommended because they have oversized seat and are 2″ deeper compared to conventional ones. So, they are generally more comfortable.

Second, check the cleanability aspect. This is important because you want a toilet that is easy to clean. Choosing those with smoothly rounded bowls can be a perfect selection.

Lastly, consider the flushing factors. This entails flushing power and level of noise during flushing. A quieter toilet is the best pick, especially the gravity-fed model. Additionally, an ideal toilet should perform well by compressing air, and then push the water out. Such toilets use less water for flushing.

modern massage chairs
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Our Sponsor Offers to Relax Your Back with Super Energy Efficient Massage Chairs

Many colleges of physicians and the pain societies all over the world recommend a relaxing massage as one of the best ways to manage chronic pain. Traditionally, massage therapy has been the work of professional masseuses who are legally authorized to practice. As the technology advancement continues to grow in the health sector, massage chairs are becoming popular nowadays. These are units designed to offer massage therapy using reprogrammed settings, which can also be adjusted depending on the user’s needs.

modern massage chairsThe modern massage chairs have been crafted taking into consideration all types of massage therapies. Since they can be programmed, one can obtain a more customized massage therapy compared to visiting a masseuse. In our facility, the idea of having massage rooms started due to the influence of the traditional physical therapy services. Later, we employed a few professional masseuses to cater for the increasing needs of our customers. But since we always look forward to moving with the changing technology, we have equipped all restrooms with massage chairs.

However, the move to have the massage chairs was due to the highly anticipated Energy Forum. We conducted a small survey first, and the report indicated that most of the guests would want to experience some relaxing massage without human interaction. Definitely, the best pick was to include massage chairs in every room to satisfy their needs. Interestingly, our models are not just the conventional ones. We have done a lot of homework and selected massage chairs from the top-rated brands for our visitors to have the best experience. In other words, we value our customers because they are the reason we are operating the facility.

Massage Chairs for Back Pain Alleviation

Massage Chairs for Back Pain AlleviationMost of the expected guests are people working in government agencies, managers of organizations, and corporate individuals. People of all ages including the youth and age will flock to our facility, and therefore we need to have everything set for each visitor. Some of the aging guests may want to have a relaxing massage after a long day in the co-working rooms. Perhaps, sitting in a chair for many hours is tiresome. One may feel fatigue or back pain, which may not be eliminated just through a normal hot shower. Something extra may be required. And this something is a relaxing massage therapy using a massage chair.

Whenever someone suffers from strained back, the immediate action is usually taking some painkiller. However, the person may need specialized treatment if the pain persists because it may indicate different health conditions such as cervical disc disorder or arthritis. Even during the medical treatment of such conditions, massage therapy is likely to be applied in order to manage the pain in a more appropriate manner.

The physicians understand the importance of massage therapy, and we have been working hand-in-hand with them to ensure we obtain the best quality massage chairs. Massage chairs can soothe your painful muscles, relax the muscles, and get rid of the muscle tension. Since you can adjust the settings and customize based on the type of massage therapy you want, massage chairs will inarguably provide various health benefits to our guests. According to health experts, a general massage therapy has wide range benefits such as improving digestion, alleviating headaches, eliminating back aches, improving the immune system, managing depressions, boosting mood, and improving circulation.

A Relaxation Massage with Massage Chairs

It is important for all guests to know that the massage chairs will be used free of charge. We shall not be charging fees because it is our mandate to ensure the health of every visitor is taken care of. A relaxation massage is for the purposes of resting and feeling the body rejuvenated. Before the massage chairs came into existence, there were certain massage techniques for dealing with chronic discomfort. The patient would remove most of the clothes and let the masseuse perform his or her work.

Things have changed nowadays. The use of massage chairs has changed the industry to better. People do not need to take off nearly all their clothing in front of strangers! Our guests are respectable people, and they deserve maintaining their privacy. That is why we have availed massage chairs to give the visitors the best experience as they stay in our facility. The noticeable difference between a massage therapist and massage chair is the aspect of reprogramming. Other things such as gentle, medium, and deep massages can be obtained appropriately with a massage chair.

After all, massage chairs are even safer compared to massage therapists. This is because there is no particular time you will get annoyed while using a massage chair. A massage therapist may apply too deep massage that can cause severe damage to the neurons. There are cases of patients who are undergoing neurosurgeries due to careless massage therapists. But with the massage chairs, you only change settings if you realize your comfort is being compromised.

entrance near the reception rooms
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Our Reception and Guest Services

Apart from hosting the Energy Forum, we have been receiving many visitors to our facility consistently. Guess what, it is our professional reception and services that enable us to retain customer’s loyalty. It is the little things we do that make them recall our services. For the coming forum, our guests will feel good while in our facility due to the excellent overall experience they will get.

entrance near the reception roomsFirst and foremost, our employees are highly trained to know those smallest pieces of information they notice about a client. Their high level of attentiveness is important because they stay keen to know what you want and what made you choose our facility. In case something is not right, a guest will be surprised to see everything being sorted out even without raising a complaint. Also, recognition of our visitors has been a norm since we started the facility. As the guests approach the entrance near the reception rooms, a customer is greeted by name. This shows we are happy to meet the guests and probably contented doing business with them.

In addition to staying attentive to details and ever keeping recognition, our receptionists understand the importance of personalization. The waitresses and waiters will always give the guest a chance to explain what they want regardless of many times you have been to our facility. One of the things we treasure so much is the way we serve wines. Even when there is a particular new vintage, we usually inform you about it so that you can make well-versed decisions. Such experiences definitely add value and instill a huge part of loyalty.

waitresses and waitersVisitors are the most treasured persons in our facility because, without them, we cannot operate. Therefore, our waitresses and waiters will always wear smiles on their faces and in their hearts. They cannot miss doing something to you, your child, or your pet. They will make them laugh or just thank them in a gaudy manner! When it comes to serving drinks, rest assured of the best service. Whether you want a few bottles of red or white wine, you simply get exactly what you order. An order comes accompanied with freshly cut citrus fruits to add flavor and aromas that must tag your throat!

Wine Serving to Our Guests

We understand handling and serving wine are integral things in the wine culture. All our waitresses and waiters know how to do it perfectly. No guesswork here. The rules of the game must be adhered to, especially the tradition result, wine selection, and wine bottle presentation. Every wine is stored at the right temperature, while the opening of the bottle is done appropriately and poured into the right wine glass.

To ensure that the guests have the best experience in the reception room, the wine they order is brought while in its proper temperature. A bottle is brought while inside a bucket and partially covered with a white serviette. The bucket is usually left on one of the auxiliary tables and then the bottle is taken out while rotating it around on a serviette. This helps to wipe away any moisture due to the ice in the bucket. The approach towards the guests is also done according to the wine culture serving style – coming from the guests on the left side as the bottle is put at an inclined angle. This is to allow them to read the label and ensure they are being served with the right wine.

Keeping Our Wines in Wine Coolers

Most of the wine enthusiasts have had good experience in our facility, courtesy of the connoisseurs of wine storage ideas. A wine aficionado will always want the best service, and that is why satisfactory is always assured because we store wines under the perfect conditions. We have a collection of wine coolers to keep different kinds of wines. You can see them on winecoolerlab.com

Appropriate wine preservation is quite important and that is why we have the best wine coolers. The guests would want to have well-preserved wine, and the truth is, we have the best for them. All the cellars have enough capacity to store wines at different conditions suitable for even a daily drinker. We selected the units from the best brands so that our wines can be sufficiently and properly stored against the enemies of wine; light, heat, and low humidity.

Why We Have the Best Wine Coolers

First, our wine coolers are versatile and practical due to their sizes that make it easy for storing wine bottles in the reception rooms. However, the cellars are specifically for wines.

Second, we have environmentally friendly wine coolers. They consume less energy, which reduces carbon emission to the environment. Since they are modern models, they do not use liquid refrigerants for cooling wines. We care for the environment.

Lastly, a self-sufficient facility must take into consideration the expenses at all levels. Though our wine coolers are bought from the world’s top brands, they are cost-effective. They operate at low energy, hence saving on energy costs.

filtered water
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Future of Water Filtration and Accessing Clean Water

The terrible future of access to clean water on earth is making scientists employ more creative methods of water filtration and purification. This was evidenced during the Energy Forum 2015, whereby various experts from different water supply companies will showcase their proposed approaches to water purification and filtration. There will be teams from different institutions of higher learning with excellent projects. Actually, they will also be looking for potential sponsors to partner and facilitate their projects.

filtered waterOne of the potential projects that will be exhibited by proponents will be to turn cow dung material into filtered water, and fertilizer as a byproduct. This is how serious water shortage is global. Since manure contains mostly water and the material is abundantly available on farms due to many cows all over the world, there is a lot of potential in extracting the water and also make eco-friendly fertilizer out of it.  According to the experts, guests will learn how 2,000 cows can produce about 20 million gallons of manure per year. Their technology focuses on the use of anaerobic digestion method that extracts waste and produces energy while the ultra-filtration (reverse osmosis system) produces water. The water can be used for livestock since it is already filtered.

Another future of water in the world is through the desalination process, which is seen by many scientists as an efficient method due to the constant increase in water shortage issues. The experts will talk about arid and semi-arid countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia that can turn to salty water desalination method. They can use ocean water to produce pure drinking water for domestic use. Apart from the said countries, even the process is becoming a norm in California. Many projects have started along the coastline. So, the future of water is still bright despite the fact that water security remains an issue in many countries.

Various reports show that a major project is underway in San Diego County, California. To-date, the plant is already operational. More than 45 million tons of salt water is being purified through reverse osmosis, which is then used to supply clean water for the highly populated county. There is also another plant that is being constructed in Beijing, China, which is expected to start operating by 2019. This will supply clean water for the city residents and its neighboring towns. In addition to these big plants, there are other smaller companies that are using solar-powered plants to desalinate ocean water. These are economical as they use cheaply generated energy, and perhaps start realizing their returns on investment within a relatively shorter period of time.

thermostats for sprinkler irrigation systems at homesAmong other issues to be raised during the Energy Forum are the WaterSense irrigation controllers. These were first created by the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency designed them as a certification procedure for controllers, which perform as thermostats for sprinkler irrigation systems at homes. According to the agency, these can save more than 8,000 gallons of water per year. The WaterSense controllers are better alternatives to the traditional clock timers as they control watering schedules that match with the plant needs. They use local weather conditions to determine the amount of water required by plants at a given time of the day. Therefore, the builders, landscapers, homeowners, and businesses can benefit from the customizable controllers for their irrigated properties.

The Seriousness of the Global Water Challenge

According to World Health Organization, lack of access to clean water causes more deaths than the war in the world. Approximately 2 out of 12 people do not access adequate clean water while more than 5 people out of 30 people lack proper basic sanitation. As we all know, sanitation is entirely dependent on water. In many developing countries, almost half of the population lack access to safe water for drinking. This has led to poor health and outbreak of different water-related diseases. A report by the United Nations indicates that more than 4,000 children die from diarrhea worldwide, a toll that may drop significantly if safe drinking water and appropriate sanitation are made available.

Even though abundant water is available on earth, it is not located evenly everywhere in the world where it is required. If you look at a country like Canada, there is plenty of water more than enough for the people. However, countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East, just to mention a few, lack adequate clean water. In some parts of Brazil and Africa, there is enough water while other areas suffer from severe droughts.  However, lack of political goodwill in some countries interferes with the ability of the governments to avail clean water to their citizens. In other cases, the supply of water in developing countries may be contaminated by poor management of toxic substances such as lead from industries.

It is vital to understand that drinking water accounts for only 5% of total water consumption. Most of the water is used in sanitation, agriculture, and industry. To achieve a healthy and sustainable future, there is a need to develop better methods of availing adequate clean water supply. As mentioned earlier, the future of water may be determined by the ability to invest in the desalination and filtration methods that incorporate the use of whole house water filters.

operating home heating systems.
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Future of Smart Homes and Innovations Ahead

For the last one decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the smart technology where people have been using more improved devices such as smartphones. Today, the technology has extended such that everything at home is connected to the internet. Businesses now depend on customers’ demands when investing in technological innovations. Large companies such as Google are opting for more spontaneous user experience to meet the constantly changing customer demands. With the speed at which technology is being consumed by users, more advancement in smart homes is anticipated to go up in the coming few years.

Future of Smart Homes and Innovations Taking into considerations the transition that has occurred for the last few years, it is easier to predict the innovations ahead of us. For instance, the traditional home security has shifted to the use of more sophisticated devices. The traditional alarms and keys are now outdated because new and advanced integrated security systems have been created. High-tech companies such as Honeywell have come up with remote-controlled alarm systems that can be set, rest, or unset to offer an advanced security to your home. We have also seen modern homes with automated doors that can be locked and opened remotely with a few taps on a smartphone.

In addition to the new security systems, there are smart lighting systems and energy meters that allow a homeowner to control energy usage remotely. Interestingly, a report published by the Telegraph shows that more than 5 million homes worldwide have installed smart meters. Unlike the traditional energy meters, the smart devices are capable of estimating an annual figure, from which an average monthly energy bill is calculated. This gives a homeowner an opportunity to plan appropriately for energy consumption, hence saving more on energy bills.

Apart from the smart meters, more improved thermostats have emerged – smart thermostats. As opposed to the conventional models, the high-tech models can monitor the habits of the occupiers, learn their behavior, locate their distance, and then store that data. Through the use of GPS, a homeowner can also be monitored from a specified distance. The information is used to regulate the heating and cooling based on what temperature you always want in the rooms. The devices can also sense when you are in the house and switch on the heating system. Since these devices are connected to the internet, a homeowner can also regulate the climate of the house regardless of location.

Smart home technology is also taking place on our television screens, which indicates that the smart technology is already incorporated appropriately on the entertainment sector. It is possible for a homeowner to sign into all streaming services right from a TV screen. One can search for information or even shop items online, courtesy of the Internet of Things (IoT). As the smart technology continues to increase day by day, soon we shall be controlling our homes through voice commands. Devices with voice-activated features are expected, which can be operated from home and remotely. The sensors will be able to ‘hear’ voice commands and take actions immediately. For instance, you say “I want to sleep”, the lights will dim and the audio player stops.

operating home heating systems. The use of more improved GPS devices will facilitate the ease of operating home heating systems. The technology will enable smart thermostats to regulate the heating before entering your home. This is interesting because your home will be set in the ideal climate. Even some of the scent devices will be connected to the GPS such that they can regulate house odors depending on your distance when driving home. The lights will also switch on to welcome your presence, hence saving time for other tasks.

More sustainable options will be availed to save water and energy in homes. For instance, the water saving devices such as smart showerheads in the bathroom is a great innovation for homeowners. The smart showerheads have sensors that can notice when you are using it. The shower temperature and pressure remain normal, but the user will not need to shut off the valve manually. The sensors can sense when you are under the showerhead and when you step out. It will know when you are under the showerhead so that it can turn on the water flow. Read more on beyondshower.com

Another interesting future of smart homes is the ability of the appliances to predict repair when needed. Some electrical appliances such as refrigerators will be designed such that they can send reminders to the manufacturer or service personnel about any issue. Its sensors will be able to monitor when the last repair service was done, and whether or not maintenance service is required. Even cars will have sensors to inform your service personnel about any problem, which you could not have noticed at an early stage. Such smart technology will help homeowners stay on top of proper servicing that may reduce the repair cost in the long run.

Kitchen Faucets for Water Efficiency
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Future of Home Energy and Water Resources – How Can We Minimize the Waste?

During the Energy Forum that took place in 2015, visitors will be informed on how a typical American family utilizes at least 300 gallons of water on a daily basis. Rarely people think about the water that drips down the drain when cleaning dishes. The daily usage of water is significantly high in many modern homes, which translates to high energy and water bills every month. Even the US Environmental Protection Agency has been releasing statistical data on water usage showing that households are among the most consumers of water.

water on the earth's surfaceEven though there is plenty of water on the earth’s surface, scientists have consistently considered it a non-renewable resource. Approximately 97% of water on the surface is salty, frozen in polar regions, or very expensive to avail in homes. The remaining 3% is highly demanded in homes, institutions, and businesses. That is why a report created after the energy forum indicated that water shortage is anticipated to increase globally in the next one or two decades.

It is due to this background we need to understand better ways of minimizing the wastage of water in our homes. As smart homes continue to be essential to many people, it is advisable to have low flow fixtures installed. For instance, older kitchen faucets do not meet the modern water efficiency standards outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency programs. The WaterSense is the counterpart of the Energy Star, which are the two major programs of the Environmental Protection Agency. The program proposes the use of products that guarantee less water usage as opposed to using the outdated fixtures.

All the water efficiency products bear a WaterSense label, though some homeowners may not be comfortable to incur the costs of purchasing them. For that reason, there are also high-efficiency aerators that can be installed on kitchen faucets and save at least one gallon per minute.

Kitchen Faucets for Water Efficiency

Kitchen Faucets for Water EfficiencyA good kitchen faucet will not only help in saving water but also make cooking the right center-piece in your home. However, the choice of the faucet should match with the style and scheme of the kitchen, as well as be fully-bodied to handle anything you will throw at it. It should be functional with a broad angle head and extendable hose capable of reaching all corners of the sink. Most of the top-rated models feature 1.8GPM, meaning they are economical compared to older ones.

Additionally, home-improvement experts recommend the ceramic faucets because they are drip-free and their heads come with excellent pot fillers for a perfect washing experience. During the earlier said energy forum, some homeowners expressed concerns about the height of their kitchen faucets. Therefore, it is vital to understand that some models may appear too big while others lack sufficient space underneath for filling the pans and pots appropriately. Due to this matter, you may need to have a faucet with a high arch spout and adequate space to allow the user to maneuver easily below it. Some of the modern models have heads that can rotate 360 degrees, as well as featuring 1.8 GPM for water consumption. This ensures that your water bill will remain low in the long run. Some of the best models incorporate various features such as Masterclean Sprayface for a perfect cleaning experience. Another exclusive feature is the DockNetik, which entails a magnetic rim that allows the unit’s head to reattach once you have finished using it.

Saving Water in the Kitchen

The amount of water used in the kitchen is too way much compared to other places in your house. You want to wash your vegetables and fruits or soak dirty utensils. Most people fill their sinks with soapy water before washing the dishes. All these processes are essential for keeping hygiene and safety in the kitchen, but there is a need to consider switching up the washing routine. Therefore, take note of the following tips to save water in your kitchen.

First, always scrape food remains into the trash and load the dishes into the dishwasher. You will be saving more than 20 gallons of water, and the dishes will still be sparkling clean.

Second, it is important to let your dishwasher do the job. Washing with hands wastes a lot of water because more than 10 gallons go down the drain unused. Using a high-quality garbage disposal unit can help you with this.

Third, you will save more water by washing many dishes at once. Remember, a dishwasher will consume an equal amount of water when washing 4 plates or 15 plates.

Fourth, it will be better to plug the sink when washing utensils that cannot be put in the dishwasher. You fill the sink with enough water, perhaps half-way, and wash your items and then rinse all of them at once.

Lastly, many homeowners run frozen meat in hot water to defrost it out. To avoid wasting water, leave the frozen meat in the refrigerator ahead of meals. Instead, you can also use a microwave to melt it for a last minute meal.

Geothermal heating
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Future of Heating Systems and Energy Efficiency for Home Users!

modern homes use approximately 35% more energy Based on the Energy Forum Report on energy consumption in homes, heating and cooling consume the most energy. The report indicates that in today’s world, modern homes use approximately 35% more energy compared to three decades ago. Therefore, energy efficiency is becoming a common buzz nowadays, which is anticipated to be achieved by employing more technological innovations. However, the energy usage per household is still down regardless of the many devices in our homes. Other studies have also shown that the use of energy efficient products has led to less energy consumption in homes, as well as relatively lower carbon emission into the environment.

The future of heating systems can be bright if homeowners continue using energy efficient systems and gadgets. The smart technology in homes has also enhanced the efficient use of energy because heaters can be connected to the internet to offer real-time information that enables homeowners to know and control their energy usage. The proposed wireless sensors for automated heating and cooling control systems will enable access to information such as outdoor weather conditions at a relatively lower cost than the current sensors. New protocols are also being developed by various federal agencies in order to enhance communication between smart appliances and systems.

Most Energy Efficient Heating Systems

There are many innovations taking place globally, all geared towards reducing energy consumption in homes. The best heating system should be able to insulate and air-seal the home such that heat does not escape. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the source of energy is cost-effective and low-carbon as possible. Assuming that every homeowner understands the importance of insulating and sealing, the forum shall go straight and allow discussions on the most efficient heating options for home users. Read more on homeair.org

Ultra-Efficient Heat Pumps

Heat PumpThe ongoing production of next-generation heat pumps may improve the efficiency of home heating. These heat pump systems will be able to heat and cool by distributing heat from one room to another. Some of the systems include; fuel-fired systems that can minimize energy consumption by approximately 30%, natural gas heat pumps with low emission of carbon, and low-cost gas heat pumps that are designed to minimize heating cost by approximately 40%.

Solar Heating

It is the most energy efficient heating system for home users based on conversion efficiency, environmental cost, and financial cost. It is the cheapest when it comes to installation and operation since the user does not need to buy specific equipment. Once a home is designed such that the sunlight can be captured and converted into heat energy, you are done with almost everything. The sunlight will pass through the windows that are facing the sun so that the heat can be retained by the sealed and insulated walls and floors. There is a less operational cost after installation because the heat energy is ‘free’ unless when the weather is cloudy and you need a different source.


Geothermal heatingThis is another efficient heating source for homes as its source is underneath the earth’s surface. It is an environmentally friendly heating source, which uses a similar evaporator system to draw heat from a refrigerator. Of course, some electricity, fossil fuel, or coal might be used, but less greenhouse emission is produced. It is one of the great methods of saving on heating cost, even though the installation process is usually expensive. This might make some homeowners unable to pay for it.

Wood Heating Source

Wood heating can be another efficient energy source for your heating needs as long as you have access to unlimited wood materials. Burning wood is said to be carbon neutral because little carbon is released. However, this source of heating might endanger the global forest cover if everyone is relying on wood for heating. If it can be harvested sustainably, wood can be a good source of heating because it is carbon neutral. It is worth noting that wood can only be effective if you have an efficient woodstove or fireplace that can burn cleanly. Also, the flue damper needs to be closed if you are not burning wood to prevent the heated air from escaping through the chimney.

Oil Heating Source

As much as oil is cheap to obtain, there is a challenge when it comes to storage. You need a tank in order to store the oil, not to mention the health and environmental risks of storing oil. It generates obnoxious smell originating from the oil tank or furnace. In addition, nowadays insurers are not willing to ensure homes with oil storage tanks. Another challenge is the task of filling the tank, which is seen as an inconvenience to most homeowners.

Electric Heaters

Electric HeatersThis is the most expensive source of heating unless you live in areas where the prices are subsidized by the state. The only efficient and clean methods of producing electricity are hydropower and geothermal whereby water and steam are used to turn turbines respectively. This lowers the conversion cost and low emission of carbon.

Natural Gas Heating Source

For many years, natural gas has been used as the heating source due to relatively lower cost compared to electricity. However, many homeowners who use natural gas are facing challenges due to price fluctuations of the commodity.

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Co-Working Spaces Designed for Our Guests

interior office designersWe understand the special aspect of co-working spaces, and that is why we have been partnering with interior office designers to come up with the best comfortable place for our guests. This is because many of the visitors are government agents, local business people, international corporate individuals, directors of worldwide companies, and managers of various leading companies. We have also employed a highly qualified research team to carry out studies on how to improve the wellbeing in an office setting. It is no surprise that individuals who co-work report greater levels of performance compared to those who work from private or regular offices.

Our research has been ongoing for years. The studies are carried out through different parameters including observation and interviews, and for sure, our surveyors say much about co-working spaces. Basically, people who utilize co-working spaces achieve more output regardless of the type of job they do. Co-working spaces entail members that are ready to work together, either on common projects or on different tasks. This means there is little competition for success, and therefore our facility offers comfortable spaces for such likeminded people. In this case, the ‘people’ are our treasured guests.

In many occasions, groups of people visit our facility. Most of them are generally looking for a space to co-work. Even if each group might be handling a different task from the other, they motivate each other until the end. Apart from the culture of co-working, there is an aspect of comfort that complements everything. In other words, the guests deserve more comfortable office chairs to enhance their performance. It is reported that sitting on a poorly designed office chair can significantly affect your performance. Due to this background, our office co-working spaces are equipped with modern chairs to improve the performance of our guests.

Why Sit on Ergonomic Office Chair?

Sit on Ergonomic Office ChairAs said earlier, most of our guests are workers from different organizations. This means they can sit for hours as they perform their duties. However, many people face challenges to maintain good posture when working from an office desk. Perhaps, the guests usually work with their laptops. According to medical experts, it is unhealthy to sit for many hours in an uncomfortable office chair. Due to that reason, it is our mandate to ensure the visitors’ health is protected.

Researchers have found that many office workers suffer from back pains due to prolonged sitting in office chairs. This is the reason why ergonomic chairs have been designed to eliminate such issues. Since we are always keen on trending and current issues, our working spaces have been equipped with the right working utilities. We have the right computer desks and ergonomic chairs that are worldwide recommended for any office environment. Ergonomic chairs have a wide range of health benefits; prevent backaches, neck-related headaches, and correct posture.

Using an ergonomic chair provides the best comfort, ensuring that the user does not hunch forward while at the front of their computers. Computers have been found to ‘take away’ someone’s mind and keep it concentrated on work. This ‘forgetting’ issue forces the body to hunch forward, which may eventually lead to back pain.

Upright Posture Correction

The abdominal muscles located in front of the spine and the back muscles at the back of the spine are responsible for holding the body in an upright posture. They perform like double elastic bands located on either side of the spine. When someone leans in the forward direction, the balancing muscles are distorted and a significant strain occurs on the back. This phenomenon can be illustrated by balancing a solid block upright and try to prevent it from tipping over. If the mass is well balanced, you can even hold it in position by one hand. Similarly, sitting upright in a chair means that the back and abdominal muscles work together to maintain an upright posture with minimum effort.

If the body leans slightly, more effort is required to try and keep it in the upright position. When someone hunches forward, the back muscles will be working harder to maintain the upright posture. This straining can cause severe back pain, in the long run, leading to serious medical treatment. To avoid such a scenario, we have replaced all traditional office chairs with ergonomic ones in all the co-working spaces.

One of the benefits of sitting in ergonomic office chairs is correcting posture. If you realize you are bending your back, possibly your posture is altered. The spine discs’ structure has adjusted, which is as a result of the body responding to back pain when you attempt an upright position. The ergonomic chairs have been designed to correct the posture by ensuring your legs, arms, head, buttocks, and back are comfortably positioned as you work from your office desk.

In conclusion, the combination of well-curated work experience and well-designed working environment are an integral part of successful workers. People co-working in a professional working setting will always thrive. That is what we have availed for our guests in the facility.