Cost-Effective Cooler Alternatives In Every Price Point

We live in constant motion: new technologies, an enormous amount of information, globalization. We wake up asking ourselves what this day has in store for us. Good or bad, but we got addicted to the things that just five years ago were impossible to imagine. Especially that every day something new is invented. We have less free time and try to use every and each opportunity to save a minute using different technologies. Welcome to the 21 century!

coolersEven though we are now used to living on the go, lots of people are still eager to escape from their busy lives to get some rest. And for most of them spending time in nature is the best choice. You can be old-fashioned or an ardent opponent of modern inventions but some of them are really worth using. Any outdoor activity can become much more pleasant if you, for example, have a cooler. Do you know when it first appeared? In 1951, nearly 70 years ago. Back then it was called a portable ice chest and had nothing to do with what you can find at the present time. Nowadays you can easily get lost in various options. Let’s have a quick look at the market to help you to get an idea of new tendencies.

  1. Brand Yeti was founded in 2006 and is known for its high quality and extremely durable products which are the main parameters for making a final decision, aren’t they? It has a big variety of coolers starting from 25$. This brand offers multiple colors, shapes, sizes. They even have a gender filter! By the way, the model Yeti Tundra 45 is rated as best of the best on most of the websites. But don’t be surprised as the price is quite high. Anyway, have a look and check it out.
  2. Coleman Company has an interesting history. Having spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window, a young salesman became a founder of a well known nowadays company that is associated with outdoor fun. This brand has a lot of options to offer. Based on the reviews they offer the best steel coolers. Just go online and have a look.
  3. Igloo, founded in 1947, is known for its affordability. If your budget is limited and you are trying to find a nice quality for less money Igloo MaxCold at price of $45 could be your choice. This cooler doesn’t look fancy and probably won’t last forever but according to positive reviews, it is definitely a good value for its money.
  4. Orca claims that it makes cool things that last long. I would say these are not just words. Classy look and excellent ice retention capability – these two features make this brand stand out. Though you may find these coolers heavier compared to other brands once they filled. Again, Orca gives plenty of options for the customers: different sizes, materials, and colors. Enough saying – it’s better to see. Check their website and get a better idea of their assortment.
  5. The last here but not the least is RTIC coolers. If you prefer a worry-free extended trip this brand may suit you. Affordable prices, nice design, and capability of keeping ice for up to 7 days definitely attract a lot of travelers’ attention. Get ready, though, the customer service is not among their advantages.

The list of brands can be endless. I tried to mention the most popular ones. if you made up your mind to purchase a cooler the next step is to think of the budget. If you prefer investing rather than saving money so pay close attention to Yeti brand (it is quite expensive, but you will use it for a long time, that’s for sure). If you are ok with good value for less money – go for Igloo or RTIC. Something in between – Coleman and Orca are good options. Anyway, before making your final decision keep in mind how you want your perfect trip to be. And which cooler will make your picture complete.