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interior office designersWe understand the special aspect of co-working spaces, and that is why we have been partnering with interior office designers to come up with the best comfortable place for our guests. This is because many of the visitors are government agents, local business people, international corporate individuals, directors of worldwide companies, and managers of various leading companies. We have also employed a highly qualified research team to carry out studies on how to improve the wellbeing in an office setting. It is no surprise that individuals who co-work report greater levels of performance compared to those who work from private or regular offices.

Our research has been ongoing for years. The studies are carried out through different parameters including observation and interviews, and for sure, our surveyors say much about co-working spaces. Basically, people who utilize co-working spaces achieve more output regardless of the type of job they do. Co-working spaces entail members that are ready to work together, either on common projects or on different tasks. This means there is little competition for success, and therefore our facility offers comfortable spaces for such likeminded people. In this case, the ‘people’ are our treasured guests.

In many occasions, groups of people visit our facility. Most of them are generally looking for a space to co-work. Even if each group might be handling a different task from the other, they motivate each other until the end. Apart from the culture of co-working, there is an aspect of comfort that complements everything. In other words, the guests deserve more comfortable office chairs to enhance their performance. It is reported that sitting on a poorly designed office chair can significantly affect your performance. Due to this background, our office co-working spaces are equipped with modern chairs to improve the performance of our guests.

Why Sit on Ergonomic Office Chair?

Sit on Ergonomic Office ChairAs said earlier, most of our guests are workers from different organizations. This means they can sit for hours as they perform their duties. However, many people face challenges to maintain good posture when working from an office desk. Perhaps, the guests usually work with their laptops. According to medical experts, it is unhealthy to sit for many hours in an uncomfortable office chair. Due to that reason, it is our mandate to ensure the visitors’ health is protected.

Researchers have found that many office workers suffer from back pains due to prolonged sitting in office chairs. This is the reason why ergonomic chairs have been designed to eliminate such issues. Since we are always keen on trending and current issues, our working spaces have been equipped with the right working utilities. We have the right computer desks and ergonomic chairs that are worldwide recommended for any office environment. Ergonomic chairs have a wide range of health benefits; prevent backaches, neck-related headaches, and correct posture.

Using an ergonomic chair provides the best comfort, ensuring that the user does not hunch forward while at the front of their computers. Computers have been found to ‘take away’ someone’s mind and keep it concentrated on work. This ‘forgetting’ issue forces the body to hunch forward, which may eventually lead to back pain.

Upright Posture Correction

The abdominal muscles located in front of the spine and the back muscles at the back of the spine are responsible for holding the body in an upright posture. They perform like double elastic bands located on either side of the spine. When someone leans in the forward direction, the balancing muscles are distorted and a significant strain occurs on the back. This phenomenon can be illustrated by balancing a solid block upright and try to prevent it from tipping over. If the mass is well balanced, you can even hold it in position by one hand. Similarly, sitting upright in a chair means that the back and abdominal muscles work together to maintain an upright posture with minimum effort.

If the body leans slightly, more effort is required to try and keep it in the upright position. When someone hunches forward, the back muscles will be working harder to maintain the upright posture. This straining can cause severe back pain, in the long run, leading to serious medical treatment. To avoid such a scenario, we have replaced all traditional office chairs with ergonomic ones in all the co-working spaces.

One of the benefits of sitting in ergonomic office chairs is correcting posture. If you realize you are bending your back, possibly your posture is altered. The spine discs’ structure has adjusted, which is as a result of the body responding to back pain when you attempt an upright position. The ergonomic chairs have been designed to correct the posture by ensuring your legs, arms, head, buttocks, and back are comfortably positioned as you work from your office desk.

In conclusion, the combination of well-curated work experience and well-designed working environment are an integral part of successful workers. People co-working in a professional working setting will always thrive. That is what we have availed for our guests in the facility.

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