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Our Reception and Guest Services

Apart from hosting the Energy Forum, we have been receiving many visitors to our facility consistently. Guess what, it is our professional reception and services that enable us to retain customer’s loyalty. It is the little things we do that make them recall our services. For the coming forum, our guests will feel good while in our facility due to the excellent overall experience they will get.

entrance near the reception roomsFirst and foremost, our employees are highly trained to know those smallest pieces of information they notice about a client. Their high level of attentiveness is important because they stay keen to know what you want and what made you choose our facility. In case something is not right, a guest will be surprised to see everything being sorted out even without raising a complaint. Also, recognition of our visitors has been a norm since we started the facility. As the guests approach the entrance near the reception rooms, a customer is greeted by name. This shows we are happy to meet the guests and probably contented doing business with them.

In addition to staying attentive to details and ever keeping recognition, our receptionists understand the importance of personalization. The waitresses and waiters will always give the guest a chance to explain what they want regardless of many times you have been to our facility. One of the things we treasure so much is the way we serve wines. Even when there is a particular new vintage, we usually inform you about it so that you can make well-versed decisions. Such experiences definitely add value and instill a huge part of loyalty.

waitresses and waitersVisitors are the most treasured persons in our facility because, without them, we cannot operate. Therefore, our waitresses and waiters will always wear smiles on their faces and in their hearts. They cannot miss doing something to you, your child, or your pet. They will make them laugh or just thank them in a gaudy manner! When it comes to serving drinks, rest assured of the best service. Whether you want a few bottles of red or white wine, you simply get exactly what you order. An order comes accompanied with freshly cut citrus fruits to add flavor and aromas that must tag your throat!

Wine Serving to Our Guests

We understand handling and serving wine are integral things in the wine culture. All our waitresses and waiters know how to do it perfectly. No guesswork here. The rules of the game must be adhered to, especially the tradition result, wine selection, and wine bottle presentation. Every wine is stored at the right temperature, while the opening of the bottle is done appropriately and poured into the right wine glass.

To ensure that the guests have the best experience in the reception room, the wine they order is brought while in its proper temperature. A bottle is brought while inside a bucket and partially covered with a white serviette. The bucket is usually left on one of the auxiliary tables and then the bottle is taken out while rotating it around on a serviette. This helps to wipe away any moisture due to the ice in the bucket. The approach towards the guests is also done according to the wine culture serving style – coming from the guests on the left side as the bottle is put at an inclined angle. This is to allow them to read the label and ensure they are being served with the right wine.

Keeping Our Wines in Wine Coolers

Most of the wine enthusiasts have had good experience in our facility, courtesy of the connoisseurs of wine storage ideas. A wine aficionado will always want the best service, and that is why satisfactory is always assured because we store wines under the perfect conditions. We have a collection of wine coolers to keep different kinds of wines. You can see them on winecoolerlab.com

Appropriate wine preservation is quite important and that is why we have the best wine coolers. The guests would want to have well-preserved wine, and the truth is, we have the best for them. All the cellars have enough capacity to store wines at different conditions suitable for even a daily drinker. We selected the units from the best brands so that our wines can be sufficiently and properly stored against the enemies of wine; light, heat, and low humidity.

Why We Have the Best Wine Coolers

First, our wine coolers are versatile and practical due to their sizes that make it easy for storing wine bottles in the reception rooms. However, the cellars are specifically for wines.

Second, we have environmentally friendly wine coolers. They consume less energy, which reduces carbon emission to the environment. Since they are modern models, they do not use liquid refrigerants for cooling wines. We care for the environment.

Lastly, a self-sufficient facility must take into consideration the expenses at all levels. Though our wine coolers are bought from the world’s top brands, they are cost-effective. They operate at low energy, hence saving on energy costs.

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