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Smart Bathrooms and Toilets Reduces the Energy Consumption

As the homes continue becoming smarter, so too are the bathrooms. People are undertaking style updates to transform their bathrooms into more comfortable areas. Not only do these improvements make the bathrooms fun and practical, but also increase the overall value of the homes. Installing a Wash “n” Dry Toilet system is one of the smart methods of upgrading a bathroom. It outdates the use of toilet paper for the family members because it is capable of automatically flushing, washing and drying off the user.

Smart Bathrooms and Toilets

The Energy Forum will be addressing some of the things that could be adopted to transform lives by use of energy efficiently. For instance, the toilet system is designed to utilize minimal energy while performing an essential task. It is a great unit for all individuals and grand for the aged and disabled people who may require somebody to take care of them in everyday hygiene tasks. Elderly and disabled people can simply revolutionize their dear lives with the Wash n Dry Toilet systems, instead of using the traditional portable or add-on models. Even though they cost high at the initial stage of investment, the amount of money and time you will save in the long run outweighs it all.

 smart taps and showersAnother smart bathroom improvement is the use of smart taps and showers. They have facial recognition feature capable of knowing the bathroom user and then utilize that data to determine user’s bathing habits. They can adjust shower temperature based on what you usually want. Therefore, you will not need to adjust the taps when looking for a perfect shower temperature. The high-end models come with touchscreen feature, and can also forecast weather and send a notification to your email. This means you can schedule your day while taking a bath, courtesy of smart technology in the bathroom.

Energy Consumption in the Bathroom

Alright, where does energy consumption in your bathroom come from? The first things many guests may think of are the vents, gadgets, or lights installed in their bathrooms. However, these are some of the minor things that won’t create a huge change in your monthly energy bills. According to an energy consumption report shared during the Energy Forum 2015, 18% of energy consumed in a typical home is taken by heating water in the bathroom. The longer you run the water heater, the more energy is consumed. So, how do you save energy in your smart bathroom?

First, it is important to turn down the water heater to a maximum of 120 degrees. This was not only recommended by the Energy Forum members but also the Environmental Protection Agency experts. It ensures that the bathroom routine is not affected, while the overall consumption and standby losses start decreasing automatically.

Second, you need to learn the best alternative ways of reducing hot water consumption in the bathroom. Don’t think twice. Simply go for the modern faucets, aerators, and showerheads. There are many options nowadays, given the need for eco-friendly products in today’s world. These contemporary products offer a luxurious and comfortable shower pressure while keeping hot water consumption at its lowest. Also, ensuring the pipes are well insulated can prevent heat loss. This can save up to 4 degrees in every shower, which is equivalent to about $12 per year.

Third, in addition to changing your usage of hot water habit, you can as well make small adjustments to other energy consuming fixtures in the bathroom. For instance, you can make the lighting more efficient by switching to energy saving bulbs. You can also adapt smarter ways of saving energy in your bathroom such as unplugging gadgets that are not in use. Additionally, leave your lights turned off when not in the bathroom and only use the vent fans whenever needed.

As much as we need to save energy in our bathrooms, it is also vital to have good quality toilets. When choosing a toilet, start by looking at the key users and how often they use it. A home toilet is more likely to be used frequently, and therefore there are various factors that need to be considered. In today’s modern world, new toilets are supposed to offer comfort to users, including those with disabilities. That is why most of the toilets offer 17″ rim height, not to mention the quality, design, and durability aspects.

3 Main Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toilet

Consider when Choosing a ToiletFirst, choose a toilet with a comfortable height. Elongated toilets are recommended because they have oversized seat and are 2″ deeper compared to conventional ones. So, they are generally more comfortable.

Second, check the cleanability aspect. This is important because you want a toilet that is easy to clean. Choosing those with smoothly rounded bowls can be a perfect selection.

Lastly, consider the flushing factors. This entails flushing power and level of noise during flushing. A quieter toilet is the best pick, especially the gravity-fed model. Additionally, an ideal toilet should perform well by compressing air, and then push the water out. Such toilets use less water for flushing.

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