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Tesla is Much More Than an Eco-Friendly Car

The Tesla company is a revolution, no doubt. Cars manufactured in the Tesla factories differ from standard vehicles by so many things. These cars are not just an eco-friendly version of a normal car, they are much more and they will probably very soon take over the market and the automotive business.

Tesla is Much More Than an Eco-Friendly Car

The main difference is powering. If gas is the number one fuel for cars around the world, Tesla cars are using electricity as their fuel. This makes a huge impact on the environment pollution as electricity lives no trace whatsoever in the air and the noise is minimal. Aside from air pollution, cities are battling with enormous sound pollution, and if cars become powered by electricity globally, a lot of the environmental problems will be solved just with this change.

Talking about differences between Tesla and other cars, a logical question arises – what else Tesla cars do that standard card don’t do. Here’s a short list.

Regular vehicles need constant oil checks and if the oil runs out, much of the car won’t function, and one by one part will become useless. Actually, all the parts that need some kind of oil, Tesla cars have eliminated as not needed at all. We’re talking about transmission fluids, brake fluids, etc. All this is changed with electrical parts that do the same job but simply need less maintenance if not any. Sure, having no additional need for water and oil changes also saves the environment, but more importantly, it saves time, money, and effort of the owner. We all know how annoying is the regular car maintenance day. The auto mechanics will always find additional problems that need to be fixed which means spending more money. As time passes, these problems only get bigger and more money is needed for more repairs.

Tesla users don’t know anything about this. Even though the company asks its customers to do a yearly checkout, they rarely take any money for changing parts in the vehicles. One of the reasons is that there are no standard parts in a Tesla car. Think of it as an air-conditioner, you don’t go to the store where you bought it to change the pieces every year. In this case, you need to change the battery once in more than 10 years, but that’s basically it.

tesla tires and bodyThe only things that are the same in Tesla and regular cars are the tires and the body. There’s no need for changing a windshield until it gets broken. Same goes with the car doors, they usually last forever or until someone hits them and break them. When it comes to the tires, well, every car needs a tire change every few years. It is also a smart move to always have winter and summer models of tires for best performance of your car. This is true both for Tesla and for other car users.


All this means that you can freely maintain your Tesla car by yourself. You need no tools at all for other than the tires. You’ll practically need only a torque wrench. Actually, this is smart for all car users – keeping a torque wrench in the car is something that can save you in many situations in which you’ll have tire trouble. There are many different types of torque wrenches today that can be used for many needs. Some even have an electric measure, which is excellent, but when it comes to a Tesla tire change, you probably won’t need this.

tesla partsA torque wrench will help you entrench the bolts of the wheel. After you make the tire change you can wrench the bolts with the same tool. That’s it. Everything else on the Tesla vehicle needs no tools and maintenance. If you open the hood, there’s nothing you can do, which will save you from wondering what might not be working. A Tesla automobile works on electricity and all the parts are connected directly one to each other just like computers are. There’s no need for mechanics and money spending on things you don’t understand and you don’t even want to learn.

A Tesla car is much more than just an eco-friendly car. It is a revolution in the automobile industry. If we as humans understand faster how important is to make the migration from gas and oil to electricity, the faster we’ll make the environment and the planet a better place to live in. Cities will become cleaner, air will be breathable again and there won’t be as much sound pollution as now. We just need to understand the importance of this.

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